Meditation Made Simple with Gemma Gambee 

City Wellness Collective

Tuesday, September 12th


As a community we are prioritizing our understanding of wellness to include a complete, holistic approach. Our awareness is clear that spirit, mind and body all need the proper attention to live a life of balanced happiness. Meditation is the leading, non-secular tool we use to turn inward, tune into and attend to our spiritual and mental wellbeing.

If you’ve never meditated before, you’ve tried, but you struggle to maintain a regular practice, or if you are a regular meditator this course in the basics is for you. We will cover the basics, practice meditation together and we will dive deep into the wisdoms that inform our personal growth as divine human beings.

I believe strongly that meditation is the foundation of our wellbeing. It’s a practice that works on every level, creating a positive, long-term impact on our bodies, minds, and spirits. Meditation develops the relational functionality between the body, mind and spirit which results in the highest personal performance. Science is providing the proof of the physical benefits that we gain with a regular meditation practice. These benefits are incredibly vital to our health during this modern era full of deadlines, iPhones, and noise. The more profound reason—and less touted—is that we gain a deeper and more intimate relationship with the essences of self. As our relationship with the deepest part of self increases we are able to function holistically; allowing us to make clearer decisions more easily; live more from our intuition; produce and create more effortlessly; and show up inside our relationships in more honest and meaningful ways.

Come, jump in and celebrate the commitment to building a new relationship with yourself.