Working as a children’s book editor, Annie McDonnell knows about the pressure and stress that come along with a job in a corporate environment. This was one of the reasons she chose to dedicate time to studying alternative medicine and helping people through it. “I like to help people navigate healthier ways to cope with stress and really thrive on it.”


 Annie is a licensed acupuncturist who completed her master’s degree from the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a huge proponent of sound healing and has received certifications in Acutonics and sound healing with singing bowls from the International Academy of Sound Healing. She is also trained in breathwork and has taken extensive classes in Western herbalism. Annie believes there’s always more to learn about her healing modalities and so continues to take additional classes regularly, including specialized training in facial acupuncture and motorpoint acupuncture. 


During sessions, Annie always makes it a point to first have a discussion with clients regarding their health history in order to best work together to meet their needs. “Even the same person from week to week will need different things depending on what they’re going through, so I like to have a big toolbox to meet people where they are and best help them get where they want to go.” Her treatments include a mix of traditional Chinese medicine like acupuncture, cupping, and gua sha, plus other holistic techniques like sound healing, aromatherapy, and herbal/nutritional recommendations. “Acupuncture is a beautiful ancient system that really recognizes how everything's connected, not just inside of us but how we're connected to all of nature around us.” 


She loves to incorporate sound healing, breathwork, and earseeds in her practice. “I like to work with more than one [modality] because all the techniques are very gentle but when you layer them together, they amplify each other, get more powerful, and can be very transformative.” Annie’s underlying philosophy is the power of gentleness. She believes that great transformations can happen if you treat yourself compassionately. 


As for her own self-care, Annie loves to get out in nature. Nothing recharges her batteries more than being in a garden or a park, listening to birds, watching the clouds, looking at flowers, and just being amazed by the world around her. She finds it therapeutic to spend time around animals. Soundbaths make her feel blissful. She is grateful to regularly visit fellow healer friends to get acupuncture and experience other modalities like Reiki. Self-care, to Annie, can also mean cooking a big batch of veggie lentil curry or just dancing to her favorite song. “Self-care includes not beating yourself up when you maybe don't make the best choices. I certainly don't get as much sleep as I'd like and eat more sugar than is optimal. Every minute is a new time, a new opportunity to make a different choice and try again. Just be gentle and loving with yourself.”

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