As someone who likes to help people live healthy and happy lives, Dr. Ara Bagdassarian found his calling in the field of Chiropractic. He has been working as a holistic-based chiropractor since 2001 and today, the number of bodies he has adjusted around the world has reached the thousands. His career has allowed him to fulfill his dreams and be of service to many.


For several years, Dr. Ara conducted mission trips to third world countries and helped thousands of people get adjusted. Each trip was exhausting, but to him, being able to serve and help all those people was the most fulfilling thing in the world. Ara spearheaded a total of 12 "Missions of Light," for which he personally organized and coordinated volunteers. All proceeds went to Disaster Relief Projects. “It's one of the most fulfilling things I ever did in my life and I gained so much experience and helped so many people. It was absolutely fulfilling and amazing.”


Dr. Ara completed his chiropractic education from Life College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia. Becoming a doctor of chiropractic is not an easy process. The topics of study include Anatomy, Physiology, and more. Internships and passing the National Board Examinations are required as well. Dr. Ara has undergone a great deal of technical training and continues to strive to further expand his knowledge.


In treating his patients, he applies a variety of very unique approaches that are customized and tailored for each of them. The pain that patients feel can have different problems and root causes; which can range from physical, mental, psychological, emotional, chemical, or spiritual. Dr. Ara works to identify and understand the underlying causes of patient’s problems through a full consultation and evaluation, and establishes an appropriate care plan for them in order to “go about unwinding and unlocking and peeling off all the layers that have been adding on from life –all the stressors in life –so that you can live a happy and healthy life.”


Taking care of himself and making sure his health remains optimal is a big thing for Dr. Ara as well. He makes sure to keep a healthy diet and makes efforts to consume nutrient-dense foods. Physically, he takes care of his body by doing an array of workout programs that are unique to his needs, in addition to making sure he gets proper rest. His gym routines are so unique that trainers come up to him to learn about them. To boost his mental health, Dr. Ara takes a lot of self-help courses and strives to expand his mind and being in many ways. “It's always a big journey to move forward, expand, grow and help others do the same.”

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