Jissel Ravelo is a master energy healer and holistic counselor. Her practice, Vibra Wellness, specializes in helping people improve self-esteem, life transitions, grief, trauma & negative patterns. Jissel guides people through their own healing using techniques such as Reiki, meditation, and shamanic work. 

Jissel was first introduced to Reiki during her own healing journey, looking for insight on how to help herself. Having taken conventional routes with no relief, she eventually began seeking out natural therapies more aligned with personal beliefs. Jissel found her way to a Reiki healer. “I received a lot of relief, especially with anxiety. I was able to calm my mind, get clearer, release a lot of negative emotions like the feeling of being trapped within my own struggles. Then it took over. I fell in love with the practice and went through the entire training becoming a practitioner.” 

Now, Jissel has her Reiki masters. “In my lineage, we have four levels. By level four, I knew I wanted to teach, I was very clear about that. I want to share this with as many people as I can because Reiki has been life changing for me and certainly for the people I had been practicing with.” Counseling has certainly been a tool for Jissel in her own life, but many people felt that traditional therapists were difficult to talk to when it came to spirituality or their natural healing process. Jissel is always supportive and delicate around individuals’ personal struggles. “What I started to notice in session, was that people wanted to confide in me about very personal situations. They wanted me to support them by verbally processing and ask my advice along with strategizing their self-care.” So Jissel trained as a Holistic Counselor to help her navigate confessions in her practice. Jissel incorporates Shamanic work as well, incorporating tools to create a balanced synergy between both cosmic and natural medicine. “I believe our ancestors well documented the wisdom of our success as a species. I am deeply honored to understand the traditions that ensured our survival, and apply it to the beautiful potential of our future.“

As for the structure of her sessions, “There is a flow but every session is different. The experience is different for every client, every time. You receive the care and insight that you need most at that point in time.” In a typical session, the first 40 min. is a conversation about what’s going on with a client or an area of their life. The next 40 minutes is energy based healing work, a unique combination of Reiki, meditation, and shamanic journey. “Whatever aspect of themselves I sense will be most effective to address is how I approach the energy work.” The last 10-15 minutes, Jissel empowers her clients to continue the work on their own. “We talk about self-care practices.  I will give them a healing technique that I call ‘fun homework’. That might look like journaling, a salt bath or doing a specific activity.” 

Jissel never claims to be the one healing, she only wants clients to understand the meaning of their challenges. She helps them realize life’s struggles are all with purpose. “The basis of my work is connecting people back to their own divinity. Their expression of awe when they uncover they already knew what they came to seek is priceless. My intention for clients is to trust themselves, so they are able to make sense of their experiences, behaviors and mindset; to reclaim and embrace who they are are at the deepest levels. This to me is true empowerment. I create the space but only together can we create the magic of transformation.” Jissel always aims to put the client first.

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