Our Mission
We empower exceptional wellness practitioners to grow thriving healing businesses through best-in-class behind-the-scenes support and guidance- including mentorship, training, promotional opportunities, community and gorgeous workspace.
Built by wellness practitioners, for wellness practitioners.
A practitioner’s health, stability and growth matter - for yourselves AND for the clients that put their trust in you. Why? Because if a practitioner is frazzled and unsupported- and if the business-side of your practice is a disorganized after-thought- then the quality of your work and the longevity of your career will suffer. We don’t want that to happen to you or the clients who need the incredible gifts and service you are bringing to the world. As practitioners, it’s easy to be focused on caring for others- but who is caring for YOU? We are. City Wellness Collective was founded to support our carefully vetted practitioners so that you can focus on your exceptional healing work.
Our practitioners are living their purpose, supporting their clients on their healing and wellness journeys- and we support our practitioners every step of the way. Because our team invests so much time, energy and resources (not to mention love!), we are extraordinarily selective in how we approve new healers to join us. Our incredible practitioner members have years of training and proven experience, legitimate credentials and certifications, thorough background checks, and many positive reviews from their satisfied clients- and they’re incredibly warm, generous and talented as well!
Do you have a vision for yourself as a practitioner? We look forward to welcoming you to our empowered community for healers who are changing people’s lives every day.

Are you ready to be supported in having the practice of your dreams?

Our Story
City Wellness Collective was created to fulfill a wish that lies in the heart of every wellness practitioner: a place to belong that understands the unique needs of healer-preneurs, and nurtures them deeply. The story begins with our Co-Founders Dan + Michelle, partners in life and business.
When she turned 30, Michelle said goodbye to her hometown of New York and her high-powered, yet totally unfulfilling marketing job - and hello to her epic “Saturn Returns” journey! She was off to Berlin, to pursue her first of two somatic healing certifications and live a life that fulfilled her desire for connection, growth, healing and fun. Dan kept things moving in NYC, working in commercial real estate development and as a photojournalist and videographer in the underground new age party scene. After 3 years long-distance, brimming with the desire to bring her powerful work back to NYC (and to live in the same city as Dan), Michelle launched her successful healing practice “Being Your Body” in a not-ideal pilates studio in midtown NY. While the work was amazing, what Michelle didn’t expect were the challenge she would face as a practitioner in the big city: high-priced, yet tiny airless rooms in dusty rental centers, unfriendly peers who were hustling super hard to get by and treated each other as competitors, and the stress from all the backend work that it takes to run a business as a healer. Michelle ended her days feeling really lonely and burnt out - which is not a great way to be when you’re taking care of other people. Something needed to change.
Meanwhile, Dan felt a calling for community in his life. Having grown up in intentional communities in Israel, he missed having meaningful connections with the people around him and felt isolated working in the start-up world. He began scouting co-working spaces with Michelle in the hopes that they would offer something special, but all he could find were tech-focused spaces with amenities like beer on tap (cool for start-up bros, not so much for healers and therapists). He started to realize there was a greater opportunity that would answer his call for connection, while providing practitioners with the resources they really needed. After talking to other practitioners, it became clear that Michelle wasn’t the only healer feeling frustrated. A supportive workspace for holistic practitioners didn’t exist in the city, and the idea for City Wellness Collective was born.
Today, our incredible healing community is thriving. We empower exceptional certified practitioners who are motivated, proactive, and passionate about growth and service. Our lush spaces in Chelsea are just two blocks walking distance from each other, with 14 private treatment rooms, co-working space, private restrooms, and a content recording studio. Our team provides mentorship, business support, and community events for our members in NYC and beyond- with a national network that is growing steadily (but not TOO fast - we believe in quality, and not being just another face in the crowd). We are a self-funded family business built by practitioners for practitioners and we welcome you to our City Wellness Collective family.

Meet The Founders

Michelle Keinan | Co-founder
Power Guide, somatic practitioner, and former marketing executive
Dan Keinan | Co-founder
Business mentor, entrepreneur and internationally awarded photojournalist