what OUR members say about
city wellness collective

Ben Brown Massage Therapy City Wellness Collective.jpg

I love the gorgeous space and the energy that's here. The practitioners are amazing, working together even though we each have independent businesses. Every time my clients, come in they are shocked at how beautiful the space is. It's like magic walking in.

Being a member allows you as a practitioner to be yourself so you can do your amazing work.

 - Ben Brown, LMT - Massage Therapy

This is a safe haven for healers. I feel like we finally have a home - it's not just a place to work, it's a family.
I feel so supported here.

 - Jessica Brodkin, Energy-Reiki-Crystal Healer


Jissel+Ravelo+ City Wellness Collective Member

I am truly grateful to have found a home at City Wellness Collective. From the moment I entered, I knew it was the perfect place to grow my professional practice with all its resources. Michelle and Dan have made me feel welcomed and understood from day one.

It has been a pleasure to invite my clients in and witness their smiles and praises from start to finish! So much detail has gone into creating this magical place, you certainly feel the intention of love and growth that is held by every member. I highly recommend joining us no matter the stage of your practice.

 - Jissel Ravelo, Reiki Master + Energy Healer

There's a sense of community here that I never got working at any other "collective" spaces in the city. Everybody here wants to support each other. Cross-referrals are abundant. And we get tons of support from the management. 

- Eric Levinson, CNHP
Naturopath, Advanced Biostructural Correction, Higher Brain Living®

Mary Sabo City Wellness Collective Member.jpg

City Wellness Collective is a clean, well-run space where healers can truly do their work and not have to worry about any of the annoying stuff that we don't tend to excel at - like business management, cleaning,  and space maintenance. 
We are a team and community without being employees - it's like the best of everything. It's very truly supportive because there's no competition.

 - Dr. Mary Sabo, L.Ac DACM - Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

I feel blessed to be at City Wellness Collective. It's not only welcoming, but a joy to be here. I have become more confident as a practitioner since working here. My business has already started to grow and I feel very protected and held in this workspace.

- Kate Rubens, LMT - Massage Therapy

Virginia Richardson City Wellness Collective

I searched high and low for a space to work in Manhattan. CWC was the only place I found that offered spacious treatment rooms, easy online booking, and a beautiful space for clients. But those are just the basics. It also has a kitchen, great space for working between clients, and easy storage so I don’t have to lug my supplies around the city. The owners are also incredibly supportive and open to feedback, so the space has only improved in time. I’m so grateful I found this space. It makes my job easier and is beloved by clients.

 -  Virginia Mason Richardson, Psychic Healer &  Lifestyle Coach

I have loved my experience at City Wellness Collective. The space is gorgeous and it feel incredibly supportive. Private practice can get pretty lonely - CWC fills that gap for me. I'm also incredibly proud of the space and incredibly proud to have my clients come and be treated here. It feels really good.

- Margaret Weinrich, L.Ac -  Acupuncturist

Blanca Doyle City Wellness Collective Member

I was searching for a place that was independent of just one modality of service(s) .
City Wellness Collective provides a wide range of exceptional practitioners that together create a cooperative of exciting modalities for holistic choices. This is a nurturing place for pollination of knowledge for practitioners but more importantly, clients find a highly specialized and dedicated cooperative for healing and rejuvenation.

- Blanca A Doyle, Tripollar Apollo Certified Trainer & Operator