Dorothea (Thea) Lucaci

Dorothea (Thea) Lucaci


Sound Healer, Astrologer, Reiki Master, Theta Healing Practitioner, Akashic Records Reader, Integrative Hypnotist and Life Coach. New York, NY

I look forward to guiding you on your path to self discovery, awareness, and empowerment, as we move beyond your perceived limits and challenges and into a space of possibility, joy, love and self mastery. It's all about the soul dance.

Cosmic Soup: Astrological chart reading and energetic realignment with sound healing, belief work, and energy medicine.

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I am a musician, poet, and intuitive healing artist who believes that following your heart and living your truth is medicine for a life of joy, wellness, and miracles. As I traveled along my own healing journey, thirsting for knowledge and understanding, enlightenment and self awareness, I found myself becoming that which I was seeking: connection with source, self understanding, intuition, freedom from beliefs, self love, authentic soulful living. I am a Sound Healer, Astrologer, Reiki Master, Theta Healing Practitioner, Akashic Records Reader, Integrative Hypnotist and Life Coach who loves to share the wealth of knowledge and experience I have acquired with other seekers on their own path to embodying their soul dance, while holding sacred space for each persons unique transformation journey.

I was born in communist Romania and migrated to Australia at the ripe age of five. Australia was like the proverbial land of milk and honey compared to the scarcity experienced under an oppressive dictatorship. But by age five, key formative years, many imprints had already been made on my impressionable mind which have become the basis for much of my soul work and personal healing journey. Those being, freeing the mind of limiting beliefs around lack, safety, and belonging, and feeling the freedom to live authentically. I have been living in NYC for 11 years, and after a decade of working in the prestigious fashion industry as a stylist, I returned to my authentic heart desires and have been an insatiable student of the esoteric, spiritual, and alternative healing arts. It brings me great joy to share my knowledge and wisdom in support of others on their path home to themselves.

I am a Sound Healer and have received an Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner Certification from Open Center. I am an Astrologer and have completed several Certification trainings with My Path Astrology. I am a Reiki Master and received all my Reiki training and Certificates from Maha Rose. I am a Theta Healing Practitioner and have completed several trainings at Theta Healing NYC. I am an Integrative Hypbnotist and Life Coach and received my Integrative Hypnosis and Integrative Life Coach Certificates at the Center for Integrative Hypnosis. I am an Akashic Records Reader and studied the Akashic Records with Christina Cross. I hold a Bachelor degree in Social Science and Psychology from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

I live by the philosophy that we are each on a hero's journey and that the answers to our quest are all already within us. Dorothea feels that much of the disharmony we experience arises when we come out of alignment with our authentic selves, and that coming back into a state of balance and harmony can create a sense of clarity and peace, and an environment in which the mind, body, heart, and soul can experience its own healing.

A session generally starts with the question 'what do you want to change in your life' and goes into an astrological sound healing, change work, belief work, and realignment with sound, reiki, and Theta Healing.