“How in the world?” is the response that I frequently hear when describing the unseen connection between photography and energy healing. I can understand why at face value there would be confusion about the relationship between such different subjects. In what way could a form of art support, relate, or mirror ancient healing methods? Well, as I explain my background in lightwork, the answer will become clear.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by photography and playing outdoors. The two hobbies weren’t yet intertwined, but nonetheless, were very much weaved throughout my day-to-day life.

Two Childhood Passions

I have my late mother to thank for my interest in the camera, she always had a big, clunky thing strapped across her chest so she could record the divine little moments of her children’s lives. It wasn’t until grade school, when I participated in a black & white film class, that I deepened a relationship with my newfound love.

When it comes to nature’s gift of crystals and stones, I think it’s easy to imagine why a young child would find these luminous bits of earth enchanting. It matched my adventurous spirit; I was the girl that wasn’t afraid to get dirty while playing sports with my younger brother. I would create different worlds in my mind as I explored the complex dimensions of the old Banyan tree in front of our home. In a way, I’m still that same girl, as I continue to collect stones, shells, and all the little treasures I can find as I travel around the globe.

Connecting My Passions in Lightwork

The merging of these two passions became more apparent nearly a decade ago. I was living in New York City and beginning to study photography again, but much more seriously than ever before. It was a time of personal transformation for me. I had just left college and I gave up my dream to be a musician to instead pursue photography as my main focus (pun intended!).

During this time that I was intentionally documenting all that I saw around me, I knew that there was still more yet to discover. Something within me yearned to be expressed, explored, and understood. Would you believe that I found the answer to my prayers just because I was surfing the interwebs? I had somehow stumbled upon the website of a world-renowned crystal healing professor.

After discovering her crystal healing certification course, I decided to take her class. Within a year’s time, I not only earned my certification in crystal healing, I also gained a deeper understanding of digital and film photography. My passion for energy healing also led me to embark on a lifelong journey into studying essential oils. It was all starting to come together!

Growing Into My Photography Niche

As I grew into my professionalism with photography, I realized I wanted to offer something beyond the means of any regular portrait photographer. I knew I had a niche but wasn’t sure how to connect my two great loves of life.

After reading a book called “Vibrational Medicine” by Richard Gerber, I came up with the concept of TheraPhoto. At the time, Kirlian photography really intrigued me. According to Wikipedia, “Kirlian photography is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges”. I found this type of art so inspiring that I wanted to create my own unique offering.

To witness some beautiful examples of lightwork, you can look into Radiant Human. Christina Lonsdale is a traveling artist who has made a living sharing this unique type of aura photography with the public. As described on the artist’s website, “Radiant Human serves as a conduit for those seeing a new kind of self-exploration – a brief, metaphysical vision quest, compelling us toward a uniquely tangible kind of self-discovery.”

My Brand of Lightwork, TheraPhoto

My concept differs from Radiant Human by being a bit more personalized. TheraPhoto is a unique experience that combines an energy healing session with portraiture. I thought: What if I could first help a client center and align their energy and feel more vibrant? How would that translate into their portraits? These people would most likely appear luminous!

This concept of TheraPhoto bridges the gap between the two fields of Lightwork that I so deeply appreciate. There’s the art of photography that directly correlates with capturing reflections of light. And there’s energy healing, which is a type of therapy used to positively impact our body’s innate healing mechanisms. Energy is light, and our aura can even be depicted as a technicolor display through Kirlian photography. To me, TheraPhoto was the perfect answer to connecting my occupations.

My Unique Business in Lightwork

Presently, I still have both businesses up and running as Brooke Rosenblum Photography and May the Quartz Be with You. They are separate entities that express two sides of the same coin. It’s all Lightwork. I no longer have to choose one path over the other because now, I see them as one in the same.

Many people need a skilled photographer from time to time, but many also need an experienced energy healer. I enjoy incorporating the skill set of my trained eye behind the lens to help support my growing energy healing business. I also utilize my experience with high vibrational tools to enrich my own life so I can show up fully present and totally vibrant to my photo sessions.

Brooke Rosenblum