After providing a Reiki session at City Wellness Collective, another practitioner who was checking the latest report laughed and said, “take a look at this!”

Being an intuitive and new age thought-leader, I instantly thought this could be a lesson and message much bigger than the snowstorm in the Northeast. After all, everything is a lesson— right?

The Truth About Uncertainty

Here’s the “Greatest Uncertainty” moment of honest truth: we are all living in a state of the greatest uncertainty. It’s called life. We aren’t in control of much in life, and through my spiritual journey— especially with reiki—I’ve learned to dance with this concept.

This simple interaction with this weather report encouraged me to further reflect on the profound impact Reiki has had on myself and those I work on. It can help you stay present and be more trusting despite the constant uncertainty we experience every day.

The only constant in this life is change. My work as a Reiki master and intuitive healer has allowed me to more consciously tune into the messages coming from the universe letting us know that we’re being provided for and on the right path.

It’s so easy to be rattled by this world and perhaps lose faith that everything is working for your greatest good (especially in the hustle and bustle of New York City). But that’s the reason why I, and other practitioners, do what we do. Energy practices such as Reiki bring you back to your center. They create a space to flow through and dance to the music of the divine.

A gentle reminder in case you need it: everything is going to work out. And everything is coming together in Divine Timing.

The Universe Has Your Back

Reiki brings us into a space of alignment and presence. The practice gently sends healing energy to whatever is in need of healing in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body.

How many times have you confidently planned something, but for whatever reason, it didn’t work out? I know it happens to me!

But there’s one thing that’s for certain. In the words of one of my favorite teachers, Gabrielle Berstein: “The Universe Has Your Back.” When things don’t seem to make sense from our perspective, it’s a great opportunity to tune in even more and dance within the unknown. I have found that on my journey, clarity comes forth sooner when I breathe, ground and align myself, and make room to have fun.

Whether it’s about the severity of a snowstorm or what you’re supposed to be doing with your life, we’re all moving through different levels of uncertainty every single day. So while we are here in this uncertainty, we might as well dance.

Connecting to the Universe through Reiki

My Reiki journey began 5 years ago. This Japanese healing modality helped me break down beliefs and barriers and expand my perspective of this world. It has pushed me to begin some real and continuous shadow work. One of the biggest benefits I’ve received on my journey with Reiki is a heightened connection and guidance from the universal energies at play.

The biggest lessons and actions of Reiki practice come in the form of surrender and guidance. These practices are not simply actions, but a state of being.

Receiving Reiki sessions allows us to connect with our highest selves. This ability compounds as we receive Level I, Level II, and Master level attunements. In each session, we work through the energy body and the seven main chakras to remove blockages, raising the frequency the physical body is emitting. As we increase our frequency, so does our ability to connect with the universe.


This being said, I hope you are able to find those lessons that the universe is providing us. I hope you learn to be more comfortable in the space of being uncomfortable in uncertainty. And I hope you know I am here for you when you are feeling uncertain, unaligned, and ready to raise your frequency to the next level.

Be you. Be true. Stay Beautiful.

ReikiKelly Keefe