The time following the birth of your baby is an important time for massage therapy. Many women know that prenatal massage is a necessary part of a healthy pregnancy, but far too many women overlook the importance of postnatal massage. A postnatal massage provides emotional and physical relief from the body’s natural recovery process as it helps you return to your pre-baby body. Remember that part of being a great mom is ensuring your health is cared for as well as the health of your newborn.

Benefits of Postnatal Massage

Hormone Regulation

The pregnancy hormones like estrogen and progesterone are high during pregnancy and reduce after delivery. Massage helps with hormonal balances.

Reduced Swelling of the Body

The fluids in your body increase by 50% during pregnancy. Massage helps improve circulation and drainage of the excess fluids.

Improved Breastfeeding

Massage helps circulation and thereby increasing milk production in new mothers. Relaxation of chest muscles improves lactation. It also relieves breast pain.

Better Sleep

Massage eases fatigue and assists in sleeping. The body gets drained after labor and caring for a newborn. A good massage helps heal the body. Massage also helps increase the brain waves which assist in sleep.

Helps Anxiety and Depression

Some mothers experience what is called ‘postpartum blues’. This is a type of depression caused by the sudden new responsibilities, change in routine, and frustration due to these new changes in her life. Massage will help relieve this stress.

Pain Relief

A woman’s body undergoes immense pain and tears during the delivery. Massage heals the body and reduces body ache. Moreover, pain in arms and shoulders caused by breastfeeding is also relieved.

When To Start Prenatal Massage

To feel happy and healthy, it is essential to continue your massage therapy sessions after the birth of your child and beyond. A 60-minute massage can work wonders, giving new moms some quiet alone time dedicated to relaxing tense muscles and revitalizing mental and physical health. 

Most post-pregnancy doctor plans call for appointments a couple of weeks or so after the delivery of the baby. Aligning your postnatal massage sessions to follow your doctor’s appointments can make it easier to stick with a postnatal massage wellness plan. 

A new mother can have a postnatal massage as soon as she feels comfortable. With a normal delivery that could mean anything from a few days to a few weeks of having your baby. However, in the case of delivery through C-section, it is best to wait for the incision area to heal. In any case, it’s always recommended that you have your doctors approval, especially if there were any complications in delivery. 

Overall, postnatal massage can be beneficial for helping your body bounce back from the pain and strain of giving birth, as well as giving your mind a well-deserved break after enduring pregnancy for nine months and experiencing the sleep deprivation that comes with caring for a newborn. New moms deserve to take care of the health and well-being of their minds and bodies. Postnatal massage will not only make you a healthier and happier mom but it will also help you to raise a happy and healthy baby.

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