How has the Jupiter in Scorpio transit affected us so far? What does the upcoming Jupiter retrograde mean on a collective and personal level?

I recently came across NASA’s stunning new images of Jupiter. Its swirls, colors, and golden lights reminded me of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. And as I pictured myself swimming in the deep blue winds and waters, merging with the life force energy of that magnificent gigantic planet, I wondered if maybe Van Gogh was from Jupiter. My midday reverie also reminded me that the planet is about to go retrograde for 4 months in Scorpio (starting March 8th), which caused me to reflect on what it all might mean for us both individually and as a collective.

Looking back, Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio late last year coincided with the allegations against Harvey Weinstein. This empowered more women to speak out against him and other men in positions of abusive power. It got us talking about the current social system and how it allows for sexual abuse to occur. It got us talking about the responsibility of the enablers involved too. Beyond sex and power, we’ve also been preoccupied with thoughts about money. More specifically, we’ve been focused on wealth, how wealth is distributed, and the influence it has on our social systems.

As A Collective

Within the sexual realm, women and men from all walks of life have been inspired to share their stories of abuse and sexual assault in the workplace. The #MeToo movement and the overdue massive cultural shift around appropriate sexual behavior have become an unstoppable force. It’s present in the mainstream culture, around office lunch tables. We have been talking about redefining consent and abuse of power, creating new boundaries and protocols in the workplace. And of course, we’ve all been embracing our newfound courage to speak truth to power; all very characteristic signs of a Jupiter in Scorpio transit.

So what are the planetary influences at play? Well, Jupiter is the archetype of expansion, travel, optimism, generosity, wealth, and philosophical and spiritual beliefs. This planet wants to bring healing to all. He is known as the jovial one who bestows happiness and luck wherever he goes. But when in Scorpio, Jupiter is traveling into the underbelly of society. Jupiter shines a light on the Scorpionic things in life— taboos, sexuality, power struggles, debt, understanding of death and rebirth.

Though he has been uncovering the dark side of our society, he has also been helping us uncover our hidden talents, forgotten dreams, and deep seeded desires. Scorpio is a water sign and concerned with feelings and emotions. Jupiter Retrograde not only highlights our disregarded dark side, but it also brings up buried emotions. It has intensified our desire to express ourselves.

These emotions and feelings have served us. They’ve shown us that it’s okay to acknowledge what we feel and need and ask for what we want, deserve, and desire.

Being open and honest about these things allows for new belief systems to grow and flourish. Once we’ve exposed what’s hiding beneath the surface, we can work on manifesting, replacing, and removing what doesn’t serve us. We can begin the important task of planting new seeds for a brighter future.

As Individuals

This clearing out has been taking place on both a collective and personal level. Depending on where the Jupiter transit falls in your chart, the themes of sexuality, power, truth, death, rebirth, expansion, healing, and reevaluation of belief systems have probably been a reoccurring conversation in some area of your life.

But not everything has been about excavation and removal these past few months. Remember that Jupiter wants to bring joy and abundance wherever he goes, and Scorpio is the sign capable of unstoppable willpower and decisiveness. These conditions make it a time when following our hearts and voicing our personal truths can potentially create big ripples in our lives. This transit can be a most advantageous combination of planetary energies for claiming our personal power.

When Jupiter goes retrograde on March 8th for approximately 4 months, it will mark a time when we should sit back and reflect on the personal and public events that have taken place since Jupiter entered into Scorpio on October 10th. It will be a time to slow down and go inward, to solidify the new knowledge we have acquired about ourselves and our desires, and to contemplate the kind of society we want to create moving forward.

During this retrograde, we will be inclined to evaluate the new definitions we have created about our own sexuality, wealth, power, and truth the past few months. This time of evaluation will be a vital part of the process of defining what we truly desire, who we really are, and what we actually want to achieve. Scorpio connects us to the power of our inner truth, which lies deep beneath the surface. It allows us to rebuild our identity from the ground up, collectively and personally.

Time for Renewal

How wonderful is it that we are living in a time of such great change that we have the opportunity to choose how to create a society that serves all, equally? We are already in this process; we are already working toward redefining our social ethics and sexual politics.

In truth we can’t expand, find success, happiness, or heal to our greatest potential if we are fragmented or if there is something within our unconscious holding us back. Working through the sexual trauma publicly has had a therapeutic effect on our culture. It has not been easy, but bringing the darkness into the light was, and is, necessary for our growth and expansion as a human family.

When we come out of this retrograde on July 10th, we have the potential to come out renewed. To what extent that renewal will occur is really up to us, this will depend on our willingness to change, evolve, let go, and work with the planetary energy. Growth is uncomfortable, but it is a gift, evolution is a gift, as is a collective healing and rebirth.

I wish us all a powerful renewal. May we find the deeper meaning of life, allow old belief systems to die, and discover our inner truth.

Dorothea Lucaci