We’re Dan and Michelle Keinan, partners in life, love and business.

Dan is a photojournalist and entrepreneur who grew up and lived with intentional communities in Israel.

Michelle is a somatic healer from NYC, with 10 years prior experience in marketing.

The idea for City Wellness Collective was born after Michelle moved back to New York from Berlin. While her therapy practice thrived, she felt isolated as a solopreneur and felt a deep need for community and support in our busy city. The more she talked to other practitioners, the more that need was echoed back.

In partnership with design visionary Maria Lomanto, we created a space where healers could thrive and feel grounded, so that we can give our very best energy and full attention to our clients.

At CWC, we love what we do and where we do it. Whether you’re a healer or seeking to be healed, you’ll find rejuvenation, grounded energy, and community in our urban sanctuary.

We welcome you to find space to heal with us.